Think Big. Do Better.

Plug Media is a boutique digital agency who strives for excellence.

We bring together creative thinking, design, technology and behavioural science to help brands be more efficient and effective at what they do. 

About Plug

Plug Media is a boutique digital agency born in the Spring of 2017. Whilst plug is in its infancy, its founders and team members thankfully aren’t. Plug is made up of a team of talented advertising veterans, with over 60 years of combined experience working within the advertising sector in its founding members. In company with industry leading technology, we believe we can bring a heck of a lot to the party. Or more specifically to your party.

Using cutting edge technology, we simply connect the right advertiser, to the right audience, at the right time. And in the most efficient (mind blowing) manner possible.

We believe that, in their own special way, all of our partners are different. Whether a small independent company or a blue-chip organisation, we approach each and every one with a completely fresh and tailored approach. No favouritism or lazy attitudes to be found here.

We would welcome to discuss your requirements. We like to think we can help. So please do get in touch, say hello

You never know, it may be the best hello you ever made.