What We Do

Having a show stopper of a campaign in mind is half the battle. We are here to help you make it happen, to get it out there. Understanding audience behaviour, mindset & motivation is key to making that connection. 

In an ever-cluttered digital landscape it’s becoming more and more important to really connect with your customer base.

The Plug team prides itself on being able to create bespoke cross digital marketing campaigns, embracing all of our experience, dedication and technology to help strengthen the affinity between your brand and your target audience.

We Are Data Centric

Data is key to our business, in fact it pretty much drives it. The world is now more connected than ever enabling us to access mountains of data. It all seems to be about big data; though we personally prefer to think about it as the right data.

Understanding how to leverage this information has a profound impact on your digital marketing strategy. 

Using industry leading third party data providers, as well as our ability to utilise first party audience data, we drill down into every detail of your current and past campaigns to optimise media performance.

Our number one goal is creating brilliant advertising campaigns that get results for our clients.

A customized approach backed by data and experience, we recommend tactics that will help you move from connections to ongoing conversations with your customers.

Right Place. Right Time. Right Message

Enabling advertisers and brands to connect with consumers in real time through viewable, engaging solutions, helping to drive audience engagement across multiple interactive environments.

Create Once : Run Everywhere

Whether you are an SME in the early growth stages, an agency looking to grow the digital side of your business without increasing head count, or a blue chip looking for a partner to create and deliver complex cross digital campaigns; Plug have the expertise and resource to make all your digital dreams come true.

We offer brands and advertisers full-service creative production as well as access to our self-serve platform, enabling our creative partners to develop cutting edge, personalised, high impact formats across the full spectrum of digital media, tailoring each piece of work to its new home.


At Plug we identify trends driven by audience data - unlocking actionable insight.

With engagement and ROI both key indicators to campaign success it’s imperative that you have transparency into what performed and why.

Our reporting suite has over 150 metrics offering priceless insight. Reports are customisable as well as automatically scheduled throughout the campaign, so you are constantly kept up to date with key performance metrics.

Alternatively build your own personalised reports via our customisable UI.


Our Success is Driven by Your Success

Plug Media works with its publishing partners on a completely transparent revenue share model. We focus on direct access, first-look premium inventory, allowing us to maximise yield.

As well as first party Publisher representation we are connected with all major Supply Side Platforms, resulting in dynamic bids and smarter decisioning, ensuring every impression achieves its optimal value.

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Yield Management

Our Publisher Operations team analyse and evaluate the best performing direct sales and programmatic channels enabling us to anticipate and implement a variable pricing strategy across your inventory.

It is their responsibility to analyse data and optimize your setup to achieve the perfect balance between sell through rate and revenue, therefore maximising your inventory value across the best performing verticals, channels and supply sources.

Understand Your Audience

With user-data coming from all angles it’s not necessarily easy to fully understand exactly who your audience are and how to best serve them with the most relevant editorial or marketing messages. Delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, is absolutely key to long term success. 

A data driven, analytical approach allows all parties to fully understand how audiences are segmented and eek the optimum value out of each and every impression. We aggregate audience data capturing the true picture of your userbase, allowing us to collectively capitalise on business opportunities.

Reporting & Analysis

We operate a fully transparent service to our publishers so you know that the revenue reported is the revenue you receive. Our Publisher Operations team can supply insight on your inventory performance covering geography, device, time, technical, banner engagement, demand source and brands to name but a few, offering you the full picture of how brands have engaged with your website.